Personal Products

Hand Washes and Body Washes contain Jedward International Bases, Maple Sap, and minimal essential oils (only if fragranted). Some blends are enriched with skin loving oils. Pending the ratio of base/sap to enriching oils determines the feel on skin post washing. 100% base washes off easily, the more oil, the more left on skin, yet not a greasy feeling! The picture below illustrates our standard ratios with comparative sensing to skin. We are always ready to customize! Pick the oils, pick the ratio!

Sports Blends are easily washed off, may be used as shampoo too, a true all body wash

Honey Kissed Blends contain a ratio of blended oils, honey, some waxes (esters) formulated with the base

Hand and Body Scrubs simply incorporate a blend of spa salts into the Washes! Ratios below apply to scrubs as well.

Bath, Shampoo Bars. simply incorporate blended oils, waxes with bases, ratios are altered to make bars rather than liquids

Butters simply a blend of oils, and sometimes wax particularly in warm seasons

Fizzies ( Bath Bombs) various ratios of oils, citric acid, baking soda, body washes, scrubs

Foamers Granules of Fizzies

Body Oils Blend of Nutritious Oils

Spray/Spritz Maple Sap, and essential oils

Hand Shakes Fizzies ground and in a Shaker for ease of Dispensing

Combos Sets of any of the above

Spa Salts Blend of Sonoma, Bokek, Himalaya Salts, and Powder, sometimes with essential oil blend

Spa Extravaganza Salts, Spa Bag, Fizzies, Body Wash

Spa Tea Bags Organic dried flowers, herbs, spices some enhanced with essential oils. Simply drop in a tub of water.

Some bags feel great as an eye compress (those with no essential oils)! The wet tea bag is a cool mini cloth and compostible!