November 18, 2020

SensUlistic's shop has been growing!

Christmas decorated Dish detergent should be up soon, available with or without bamboo brushes. Brushes may be purchased on amazon and locally here at GoGo Refill!

Novembert 11, 2020

A huge thanks to all our Veterans! So many sacrifices to keep us safe, some the ultimate sacrifice of life!

Celebrate Veterans!

November 2, 2020

Just in from cutting fresh dill and Vietnamese coriander! Dill and Coriander growing days are numbered as it is 23 degrees here with the wind chill. I think the cold just makes the dill and coriander smell even more amazing! Added the dill to the oregano wreaths formed a few weeks ago. Hoping to make some Christmas Kitchen gift packages as one of our gift ideas.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner however, these will be great and make prep easy. These wreaths smell amazing just hanging in the kitchen and so easy just to snip and add to you recipe! When the wreath has been exhausted simply toss outside, you may find dill (if seeds are left on the wreath) or oregano (if a piece of root grabs hold) growing there in the spring!

Everything grown here is organic, no pesticides!

October 2, 2020

Our blog missed August and September. It's been a wicked (as we say here in Maine) busy time here! Mother Nature directs everyday. The weather has been beautiful, but the lack of rain deemed closer personal attention to crops. Many hours spent outside keeping the plant cycle going. lots of harvesting was needed earlier than usual, hops, coriander, sunflowers, herbs, grapes and more. Shaping wreaths (Spice, Halloween, Floral, Christmas) immediately is my mode of operation, as the vines and herbs do their own binding, more natural, efficient, economical.

Tea Bags are stuffed with hops, and I reached out to local brewers (Maine is huge in the craft brew industry, and we have some great beers) sharing my idea for matching meal recipes prepared with a particular hops (Cascade, Centennial, Nugget, Mt, Hood, Chinook, Willamette) and lots of thumbs up replies. I've made tons of recipes: hopped up soups, omlets, roasted dishes, casseroles, but recently dropped off some cascade hop tea bags to a local restaurant to experiment. With so many local beers on tap, I am sure some awesome creations are on the rise! Drinking a beer brewed with the same hops in a meal prep makes pairing quite simplistic!

Manufacturing has not taken a back seat in any way. Lots of Body Washes, Scrubs, Soap Bars, nourishing oil Blends, Butters made incorporating Hops, Hydrating Waters, Botanicals extracted into organic oils, Organic, Nutritional Oils, Home Products and more. Customization is key for us so please reach out if you have a request. Gearing up for the Holidays I shipped out some Spiced up packages to Family, Economical practical gift ideas, using recycled packaging materials, and shipping. Placing orders for some New Raw Materials, the Green, Susstainable Market is Growing!

I am using a Shop Now Tab on this site now, site creation has also become easier. Online shopping (McKinsey) has really increased during this COVID19 era and I am just trying to simplify. Please let me know if you have any difficulty. Best Wishes for Health!

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October 1, 2020

Halloween Wreeaths that Light up are available!

Click Buy Now or on Etsy!

Happy Halloween!

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July 30,2020

Good Morning from SensUlistic! This week has beeen crazy, as here in Maine we have been breaking heat wave records, and little rain has fallen. So in between catching up with how CoronaVirus19 is affecting all industries and how many industries are responding with innovative products I've spent lots of hours outside harvesting plants, flowers, leaves for our new products, weeding and watering. Simply Sunflowers are now on Etsy ( !

SensUlistic, LLC continues to focus on customization, and according to some Personal Product, and Happi reports customization is being requested. Requests seem to be for formulations with minimal ingredients, self formulation, and formualtions where consumers may purchase an original product and add their own ingredients. Safety, Healthy, Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable, Zero Waste, Organic and Natural are top priorities for many folks. Butters are big in formulations, easy to add. Many of our butters are enhanced with nutrients from flower and fruit trees and plants. simply extracting into Certified Organic Oils. I am putting together an order from Jedward Internationa Bulk Oils ( Let me know if you see something you may like in a soap bar, scrub, home decor, cleaning product or perhaps you may want to order something yourself. They are a great company! Currently they are out of shampoo base, due in soon. The personal product indeustry is sky rocketing!

The fragrances we create are formulated in maple extract, using certified essential oils from Jedward International. It is my understanding that one of the challenges to the perfumery industry is the lack of alcohol, as top priority due to CoronaVirus19 is for hand sanitizers. Let us know if you would like to experiment? I'll be happy to share our maple sap, or essential oils at no charge. Shipping costs only.

Have a Great Day! I'm off to make mini soap bars!

july 13, 2020

Flowers have been blooming like crazy here! I've been preserving them in wax! Creating some new natural, organic, economical decor items! Take a look!

All of these items (I have some pretty cool lilies soaking up their wax) may be used just as they are, placed in a vase which is nice to eliminate water, as water should be changed frequently, or to embellish a wreath or your own creation!

June 5, 2020

JUNE 5, 2020

Flaxseed Oil

April 29. 2020

SensUlistic, LLC Splash, a Body Spritz (light, refreshing and alcohol free) is about to launch! Maple Sap is not just water. We use maple sap in many of our formulations, because it is a healthy raw material we collect right off the maple trees on our grounds. Our 2020 results are below! As you will see in this video maple sap has been explored for multiple uses. It is sold as an energy drink, and the cubes can make some pretty cool cocktails, and mocktails. Creating cool aromas with essential oils is one of the reasons we really like it, and we feel it is a great substitute for water in formulations. Unlike in water some of the oils dissolve. so stay tuned our Splashes will be on Etsy soon!

SensUlistic, LLC 2020 Maple Sap results from the University of Maine

Sugar (fructose, sucrose, glucose) not included

Parameter Units 2020

pH 5.0

Conductivity mmhos/cm 0.58

NO3-N mg/L 0.02

NH4-N mg/L < 0.01

AL mg/L 0.183

B mg/L 0.108

Ca mg/L 43.3

Cu mg/L < 0.02

Fe mg/L < 0.10

K mg/L 147

Mg mg/L 5.00

Mn mg/L 1.06

Na mg/L < 1.0

P mg/L 5.5

S mg/L 0.278

Zn mg/L. 0.249

Make it yourself, tap us for Maole Sap fragrances (simply maple sap and essential oils)

Maple Sap, unlike water dissolves essential oils, makes for some pretty cool natural frtagrances)

Felt this would be a good first Blog for our new website! health to all!