New Exfoliating Soap Sleeves with SensUlistic Soap Bar

Soap Bars: Jedward International Cystal Argan Soap Base embellished with Jojoba Oil and your Choice of either of two Essential Oil Combos, Rosemary?Lavendar or Juniper Berry/Fir!

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Also coming hand size bags in geometric shapes,

like the stockings they may be personalized!

Soap Sleeves are reusable,

Add your favorite Soap bar!

Earthy Valentine Hop Wreath

$19.99 Free Shipping

Wreath woven from Hop Vines

Sedum flowers dried, dipped in Wine

for color!

Mini Spa Kit

14.99 Free Shipping

Blended Sea Salts (Himalaya, Bokek, Sonoma)

Rosemary, Lavendar Soap Bar 3 oz

Salted Bath Cubes

Elderberry Tonic (Herbal Revolution 1 oz)

$29.99. Free Shipping

SPA KIT $29.99 Free Shipping

Spa Kit Includes:

Face Oils (4 Oz)

Bath Salts

Buffing Butters (5 oz)

Spa tea Bag

Minin Soap Bars 4

Body and Face OIl $23.99 Free Shipping

Combination of:

Organic Grape Seed Oil

Organic Blackberry OIl

Virgin Andiroba Oil

Virgin Passion Fruit Oil

Bath Salts $9.99 Free Shipping

Combined Salts:




Plant Based, Enviro-friendly Spa Tea Bag

Buffing Butters $10.99 Free Shipping

SensUlistic's Once It Was Yogurt Line

Packaged in Recycled Yogurt Containers

Buffing Butters:

Blend of Organic Oils

(Organic Jojoba, CoConut, Shea Nut, +)

Blend of Essential Oils

Minimal Bees Wax

Splash $5.99 Free Shipping

Simply Analyzed Organic Maple Sap (see Blog)

Citric Acid

Essential oils

No time to shower post workout, Spray Away!

Herb Wreath

14.99 Free Shipping

Organic Oregano

Organic Dill

Organic Vietnamese Cilantra

Adds a great fragrance to Kitchen, while awaiting use!

Toss outside when consumed or build a new wreath with frame!

Herb Wreath with Ground Herbs

$19.99 Free Shipping

Herbs grown right here organically!

Wreaths formed as soon as harvested

Option of dried Grape Leaves and Oregano

or Nasturtium (Peppery) and Vietnamese Cilantra (Citrusy)

Hopping Cascade Bar

$9.99 Free Shipping

Cascade Hops have a Citrus, Floral, Fruity Aroma. The added citrus essential oils and juniper berry complement the very mild hop aroma.

Thanksgiving Wreath $14.99

Free Shipping

Check out SensUlistic on FB

and SensU retail for how to make it Chrismassy!

Hop Tea Bags

Free Shipping

1 bag $0.99

3 Bags $2.50

5 bags $4.25

choose from drop down menu

Slick & Sleak Hand Wash

$6.99 Free Shipping

Hand Wash Pump

$6.99 Free Shipping

Sick and Sleak Hand Wash

Pump and Tottle

$12.99 Free Shipping

Barely Silky Hand Wash

$6.99 Free Shipping

Barely Silky Hand Wash Pump

$6.99 Free Shipping

Barely Silky Hand Wash

Pump and Tottle

$12.99 Free Shipping

Holiday Dish Detergent

Detergent Only $6.99

Detergent with Brush $11.99

Tonic and Herb Combo

$9.99 Free Shipping